UPDATE: Amended NAHASDA bill marked up in House Committee

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UPDATE: The House Financial Services Committee is expected to vote on advancing HR 4329 today. The NNWO incorrectly reported the vote occurred yesterday. We apologize for the confusion.

Contact: Jared King
Communications Director
Navajo Nation Washington Office


Amended NAHASDA bill marked up in House Committee

WASHINGTON—The House Financial Services Committee today marked up HR 4329, the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Reauthorization Act of 2014. If enacted, the bill would reauthorize NAHASDA for five years and includes unexpended funds language detrimental to the Navajo Nation.

On July 24, six days before the mark up, Rep. Steve Pearce, R-N.M., introduced an amendment, which substituted a modified NAHASDA bill in place of the original HR 4329.

This amendment modified several sections in the original bill. The most important being the inclusion of the unexpended funds language found in both the president's fiscal 2015 budget request and the House fiscal 2015 Transportation-HUD bill.

"The president requested a very aggressive recouping of unexpended funds," Congressman Pearce said while introducing his amended NAHASDA bill.

He also stated that the unexpended funds provision found at section 301 of the amendment allows tribes to “work through balances while meeting the president's request for efficiencies in the system.”

The Senate has cleared its own version of NAHASDA, which does not contain the unexpended funds language and awaits full Senate consideration.


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