Navajo student introduces First Lady Michelle Obama at White House event

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WASHINGTON—On Jan. 28, Navajo student and former resident of the Bureau of Indian Education's Kinłání Dormitory, Wyatt Whitegoat, provided opening remarks and introduced First Lady Michelle Obama at the 2nd Annual School Counselors of the Year ceremony at the White House. Whitegoat is Tódik'ǫzhi (Salt Water Clan) and born for Honágháahnii (One Who walks Around Clan) and is from Pine Springs, Ariz. Whitegoat is a Gates Millenium Scholar at Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa.

Whitegoat praised his Flagstaff High School guidance counselor Katherine Pastor who was named High School Counselor of the Year by First Lady Michelle Obama. "Even though it’s been four years since I graduated at Flagstaff High School, Ms. Pastor continues to reach out and help with any questions I have,” Whitegoat said.

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