Navajo President Shelly Responds to Obama’s Climate Change Strategy

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June 26, 2013

Navajo President Shelly Responds to Obama’s Climate Change Strategy

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. – Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly released the following statement regarding President Barack Obama’s newly unveiled strategy regarding climate change.

“The Navajo Nation supports President Obamas climate action plan, but remains mindful of the important role fossil based energy has in providing secure, low-cost energy for the country. The Navajo Nation is supportive of an all of the above energy approach and is optimistic as we go down this road.

Though we look forward to new technologies that will be more environmentally sound, we hope that as policies are developed for the new initiative, policies will reflect time and resources necessary for economies dependent upon fossil fuels to transition into cleaner energy.

We are heartened to see specific mention for alternative energy resources and climate change preparedness specific to tribes. We applaud the president for taking such a bold step at addressing climate change and we stand at the ready to address climate change for our future generations.”

President Shelly’s statement is in response to a newly announce White House initiative that aims to further reduce emissions from fossil fuel production.

About 95 percent of the Navajo Nation’s general fund after set asides is generated by fossil fuel royalties, leases and taxes.



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